Every musical instrument makes an impression on us from how it sounds, to how it feels, and of course, how looks. An instrument’s aesthetic is often the first thing we notice, even if we’re not particularly intrigued by the details.

When a professional repairman approaches any kind of repair or restoration, much attention has to be paid to the age of the instrument. Newer instruments have a certain look and any given repair or restoration must match the existing style and shine. This is especially true for old and antique instruments.

It’s needless to say that one has to have many years of experience to judge the type of timber and finish of any given instrument before conducting a repair of any kind. To put it technically, you’d never put a nitro cellulose finish over an antique varnish or French polish, and above all, you’d never alter the color shade in any way.  

An expertly done repair should look like the original finish, with just a bit more shine, because it will eventually tarnish back to match its surroundings.

This is what I strive to do with every one of my customers’ instruments. I care tremendously about the instruments themselves, but also about taking care of each and every customer that walks into my shop. There’s no feeling quite like hearing that you’ve exceeded a client’s expectations in restoring their precious instruments. I take great pride in living up to the trust others put into me, my business, and the craft that I’ve dedicated my life to.